A new international digital currency.
This is a currency which combines the advantages of BTC and eliminates the disadvantages of conventional money.
Is entirely "excavated" the only difficulty to get the price, on the basis of "first come, first served".
It is called dibacoin (DBC), is issued by the private bank.
During the first week of rates increased from 5 cents to $ 3.



Each placed into circulation DBC is more expensive than the previous one with a constant fixed value.
Each withdrawn from circulation DBC is cheaper than the previous one of the constant fixed value.
So you know in advance what will be the value of the currency in circulation when finds another specified amount.
Along with the amount of entering into circulation DBC, space between bid another DBC and the selling price
(of withdrawal), increases by creating a place where holders of the currency can make sales purchase internally
amongst themselves-after individually offered prices.



Number of units of the currency meant ultimately to be put into circulation, is fixed at 1 000 000 000 (one billion).
The development of this project is two phases.
The first phase is a foreign exchange bank accounts, and the second phase is trading applications - stationary and mobile.
Also, anonymity is guaranteed.


The bank is outside the jurisdiction of the European Union and the United States, and payments can be made to your
PayPal account, or by nameless PrePaid Card.


Temporary infrormation site                                             Licensed Bank Branch


At the banks' branch site::  

1. Register
2. Request of Bank Share.
3. After permision to Bank Share (access of authorization to bank sites) - it will be sent the personal information about DBC.